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20th Jan 17, Additional JT30 tour dates: The original 'Joshua Tree 30' tour dates that were announced last week have been added to so that there are now 19 shows lined up for the US/Canada and 12 for Europe. The strange thing is that Dublin hasn't so far been given a second show despite the first one selling out in minutes. Maybe there's a good reason for this but no one seems to know what it is! So far, there are no shows for South America and Australia but perhaps another leg will be added later in the year. Fingers crossed. :)

09th Jan 17, It's official - U2 will be on tour this summer: Here's the link for details of the U2 tour this summer. Seems the rumours were right!

09th Jan 17, Tour announcement today?: Excitement is building among U2 fans that today will see the announcement of some live dates for later this year. The band have already said they plan to do some special shows in honour of The Joshua Tree's 30th birthday and many expect that an announcement will be made this afternoon (GMT). Several dates have already been rumoured but as yet, nothing has been substantiated. The thought is that the tour will take in the US in May/June and Europe in July/August. Whether or not there's any truth to that at all remains to be seen. Perhaps we'll know more in a few hours...

09th May 16, DVD/tour rumours: It's been well over a year since I updated this site...in which time the entire iNNOCENCE + eXPERIENCE tour has come and gone. Live Nation said it would be groundbreaking and how right they were. I was lucky enough to see 4 shows altogether - 2 in Belfast and 2 in Dublin and each was special in its own way. Belfast was special for me as U2 hadn't played here for 18 years and it was amazing to see them back. Apart from the shows themselves, it was also great to meet up with so many fans from around the world who had come to Dublin, in particular. The sense of community among U2 fans is something I feel lucky to be a part of. Current rumours say that the Paris show which was broadcast at the end of last year on HBO/RTE/BBC etc will soon be released on DVD and Blu-Ray. Let's hope they're right. There's also a rumour of another leg of outdoor shows next year. It's hard to picture the ieTour stage in a stadium setting but if there's a way to do it, Willie Williams will find it. :)

01st Feb 15, Dublin tour dates?: The iNNOCENCE + exPERIENCE tour was announced weeks ago and the existing dates are all sold out but as yet there's no mention of any shows for Dublin. Some of the Irish press have suggested that something particularly special is being planned for Dublin but there's been no official confirmation of that so far. It'll be interesting to see what these special plans turn out to be, if the stories are true. Meanwhile Bono continues to convalesce after his serious cycling accident in Central Park in November. Hopefully he's not taking any chances with his health since he has to be ready to go on tour in May!

23rd Oct 14, Fingers crossed: I've just emailed the Late Late Show on RTE Television in the hope of getting hold of tickets for tomorrow night's show, which rumours suggest may include a performance and/or interview with U2. I'm sure the odds are against it but I'm keeping everything crossed just in case!

13th Sep 14, What a week!: Excitement among the U2 fan community was at fever pitch on Tuesday as the launch of the iPhone 6 and Apple Watch approached, as rumours were rife that U2 would be involved somehow, given their long association with Apple and various other goings on which hinted that something big was about to happen. Little did we know that by the end of Apple's presentation, U2 would have performed a new song (The Miracle (Of Joey Ramone)) AND released their new album (Songs of Innocence) to all 500 million iTunes customers for free! The nature of the release has been controversial, with many disgruntled iTunes customers venting their anger on Twitter but as Neil McCormick said, "They're getting a free album that they don't have to listen to. My heart bleeds." Bono said that the point of giving the album to so many people was that maybe even just some of them would listen to U2 for the first time and that's a great way to reach a new audience. Virtually all of U2's previous albums are now in the iTunes charts' top 100 so maybe the idea has paid off already. Bono has also said that another album (Songs of Experience) will be released "soon" - although he admits that he's made promises like that before!

16th Apr 14, Still no new album: Well U2 are still together so hopefully that 'split' rumour can safely be ignored now. :) The band are busy recording at Church Studios in north London, which makes you wonder why they're not sticking with the familiar surroundings of Hanover Quay in Dublin. Yes, the roof was blown off in recent storms (!) but I'm sure it's still safe to use. Perhaps Bono wants to try somewhere new in the hope that it'll inspire him in his quest to remain relevant. The thing is, most fans aren't worried if U2 are "relevant" or not - we just want some great songs! The band are all in their 50s now so it seems a bit odd for them to be so obsessed with chasing the chart-music-buying teenage/early 20s market. They should stick to what they're best at - writing great songs that mean something.

20th Mar 14, Pre album-release hype...or not?: It’s been all go on the U2 front lately. The band performed at Sean Penn’s benefit for Haiti, won a Golden Globe for Ordinary Love and performed at the Oscars. They were also the ‘victims’ of one of the world’s most infamous photobombs, when Benedict Cumberbatch was snapped jumping into the air behind them on the red carpet outside the Oscars ceremony (photo here and video here ). Rumours have been flying around of impending album release and tour announcement but subsequent rumours have suggested that both of those things may not happen until 2015! Still further rumours say that U2 are considering breaking up because of the difficulty they’re having finishing off the new album.

03rd Feb 14, U2 release Invisible on iTunes: After all the hype, U2 announced their new song, Invisible, in a commercial during last night's Super Bowl. The song was scheduled to be released through iTunes at 6 pm Eastern Time (11 pm GMT) but actually appeared online several hours earlier than that, much to fans' surprise. The song is being used to raise money for the (RED) charity's campaign to bring an end to AIDS, as Bank of America have agreed to donate $1 for every download. Originally this was to be capped at a total donation of $2 million but after a phenomenal response, BofA have agreed to keep donating above that limit. Music is really making a difference. As for the song itself, most fans seem to be impressed and the feeling is that it'll play particularly well in the live environment. Roll on the next tour!

15th Jan 14, Some solid news at last: After months of speculation (remember Larry saying the album would be out last September?), there has finally been something to cheer weary U2 fans - three things in fact! Firstly, the band recorded a new single (Invisible) and made a video for it at Santa Monica Airport, of all places. Then they played a short set at a Haiti benefit concert organised by Sean Penn and finally they won the Golden Globe for Best Original Song for 'Ordinary Love', the closing theme from 'The Long Walk to Freedom'. An announcement regarding the release of the new album is expected during the Super Bowl on 2nd February and fingers crossed, a tour announcement will follow soon after that. Exciting times. :)

19th Nov 13, U2's fifth member retires: The online U2 fan community has been buzzing recently over the news that Paul McGuinness is to sell Principle Management to Live Nation and Madonna's manager, Guy Oseary, is to take over the day to day running of the U2 organisation. Live Nation are reportedly paying $30 million for Principle in a deal which will see Paul McGuinness take on a less hands-on 'chairman' role while Oseary manages the band's affairs. McGuinness has always been considered the 5th member of U2 so he'll be a hard act to follow but he himself says Oseary is the best in the business and he wouldn't have considered anyone else for the job. In these days when music sales are falling but concert revenues are booming, Oseary seems like the perfect man for the job.

15th Oct 13, Album delayed until 2014: It looks like we can forget any idea of the new U2 album coming out this year, after Adam said in a recent interview that the band hoped to be finished it by Christmas with an expected release date "very early" in 2014. It would be a shame to miss the Christmas market but no doubt they'd rather make sure the new record is as good as it can be rather than rush it in an attempt to boost sales in the pre-Christmas rush. (Do people still refer to records any more or am I just showing my age, btw?)

04th Sep 13, Adam ties the knot: Congratulations to Adam Clayton on his marriage today to Brazilian art dealer Mariana de Carvalho at a private ceremony in Dublin. They've been together for around 4 years now, which must be a record for Adam. ;-) Apparently neither Bono nor Larry were at the ceremony which is a surprise, especially considering that Adam was Bono's best man when he married Ali in 1982 and Bono has often described Adam as his "best mate". I assumed he'd return the favour but apparently not.

28th Aug 13, Album delays and possible tour: Recent rumours are suggesting that the album which Larry initially said would be out by the end of September may not now be released until November at the earliest - and possibly next spring. Fans are used to this sort of delay of course but it's frustrating when we thought we were so close to the new record coming out. (Do people still say 'record' btw? Perhaps I'm showing my age there.) Bono has also made mutterings about concerts in France next year but I suppose we'll have to wait and see exactly what's planned. There's no point making any travel plans just yet. :)

29th Jun 13, Moving this site: I'm in the process of moving this site to a new host so if you visit some time over the next day or two and the site either looks weird or seems to have disappeared, that's why. If that happens it should still come back in a day or two. Fingers crossed. :) In U2 news, someone has leaked what they claim is the tracklist for the upcoming album which is still expected towards the end of this year. There's a lot of debate online about whether it's genuine or not but I suppose only time will tell. I have my doubts, myself - but I'm happy to be proved wrong!

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